So, next up.. A pokemon party for Christopher's 9th bday! I can't believe my baby is turning nine. Where do the years go? He's halfway out of my house. The first nine have flown and I know the second nine will prove even faster. So, back to the party....

First up, I refuse to make myself crazy over this one! He's having a sleepover. I am thinking pizza, a picachu cake topped with yellow frosting and some easy accents, a late night "grossest desert" contest (because, you know, they are boys!), a new pokemon wii game for them to play, a few pokemon themed games, and maybe a movie to pass out to! Anyone else have thoughts on this????


  1. The grossest dessert contest sounds great!

  2. I don't think I will ever be ready to have JDaniel grow up and move away.

    Hope the party goes well!

  3. My son is a pokemon nut too! how about pictures of pokemon with the kids faces on them. all your ideas ar much better though, you have got it covered. i find that they tend to go off and create their own fun! Good luck eat lots of chocolate and wear plenty of hearing protection!!!! LOL Blessings, Joanne